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Have you ever found yourself out and about in your city or anywhere else for that matter, looking for something to do, but not knowing the best way to locate events in your area? Well, we have, which is why we have developed the Socialvents app. You have heard of and most probably used location-based apps that show you venues, such as restaurants, bars, theaters, parks etc...We decided to apply the same concept to location-based, time sensitive information, meaning events. The Socialvents app is an event search engine, which visualizes events around you on a map. You can either use your current location or input any other city or address. Event category related icons are then displayed on the map, which when clicked lead you to a detailed events page with key information, such as address, time and cost of the event, a description and the event referral source. If you don't like looking at a map you can also choose to switch to list mode.

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